DLI Atomic Pi user guide

Congratulations on selecting Atomic Pi, an performant embedded controller with peripherals.

Atomic Pi has the following interfaces:

  • HDMI for video and sound output;
  • Additional XMOS Mayfield audio output;
  • 3 user-accessible UART ports;
  • USB 3.0 for connecting peripherals;
  • microSD for storage (in addition to on-board eMMC);
  • Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options;
  • 6 user-configurable GPIOs, with built-in support for running I2C or SPI bus masters over them.

The unit ships with a Bosch BNO055 absolute orientation sensor, connected via an internal I2C bus.

The firmware is based on open-source code which is provided to give you the option to build totally custom firmware.

Please contact technical support in case of any problems.